About the project


Brooking is an early stage Lamproite exploration project in Western Australia’s West Kimberley region which has a history of producing diamonds, notably from the now-closed Ellendale Mine.

Lucapa began exploring at Brooking in 2017 with the aim of finding lamproite, the known host rock for diamonds in the region. 

This program resulted in the discovery of source lamproite with significant concentrations of micro and macro diamonds in the Little Spring Creek prospect. Subsequent bulk sampling indicated that Little Spring Creek was sub-economic.

Lucapa has identified other drill targets at Brooking and more than 240 geochemical samples were taken from two locations within the Brooking Exploration Licence area in 2022.

The sampling was undertaken to confirm the presence of lamproite via indicator minerals and to pinpoint drill targets from geophysical data.

A heritage survey was conducted in 2022 in which no sites of cultural significance were identified. This has cleared the path for the exploration drilling program to commence in 2023.

About the project


Lucapa’s Orapa Area F project is located 40km east of the prolific Orapa diamond mine in Botswana.

In 2022, the exploration licence was approved for a further two years expiring 30 June 2024. 

Preliminary exploration programs completed by Lucapa at Orapa Area F have been successful in identifying kimberlite drilling targets.

The next phase of exploration through drilling will confirm whether those geophysical targets identified are kimberlites.