News Highlights

December 2019 Top diamond finds of 2019 - Mining Review Africa (02 December)
October 2019 Higher-Grade Ore Boosts Lucapa Production - Rapaport (28 October)
Lucapa upbeat despite global headwinds in the diamond sector - Rough Polished (24 October)
Lucapa Studying 46 Carat Pink in Antwerp - The Diamond Loupe (17 October)
Lucapa starting to sparkle as diamond production ramps up and gem prices show tentative signs of recovery - Resources Rising Stars (11 October)
Lucapa makes quarterly production record at Lulo, Mothae - Rough Polished (10 October)
Dazzling quarter for Lucapa diamonds - Australian Mining (09 October)
September 2019 Angola delegation takes part in WFDB-IDMA Presidents Meeting Opening Session in Dubai - Rough Polished (24 September)
Lucapa posts profit and record month - Resources Rising Stars (06 September)
High-Quality Rough Lifts Lucapa Profit - Rapaport (03 September)
Lucapa delivers $1.1 mln H1 profit despite challenges - Rough Polished (03 September)
August 2019 The magic of Mothae - Mining Review Africa (14 August)
Lucapa Recovers 64ct. Rough at Mothae - Rapaport News (06 August)
Lucapa adds polish to strong first half - Michael Washborne (06 August)
July 2019 Money Talks: This expert’s top commodity picks are gold, diamonds and rare earths - Stockhead (16 July)
Lucapa on track for profits in 2019 - Mining Weekly (15 July)
June 2019 Lucapa shares set for big increase, says Euroz - Resources Rising Stars (21 June)
Barry Fitzgerald: Here’s how Lucapa’s diamonds outshine gold - Stockhead (11 June)
Lucapa launches next phase Lulu kimberlite search - Mining Weekly (06 June)
Lucapa’s Lulo alluvial mine to expand operations - Rough Polished (05 June)
Lulo Rough Fetches $10M at Tender - Rapaport (03 June)
May 2019 Wrap your eyeballs around this giant diamond Lucapa found in Lesotho - Stockhead (23 May)
Lucapa gains momentum with sixth major diamond recovery - Australian Mining (23 May)
Lucapa Unearths 130ct. Diamond - Rapaport (19 May)
Lucapa, partners recover 130 ct diamond at Lulo - Rough Polished (17 May)
April 2019 Top London analyst eyes diamond shortage and tips Lucapa as a buy - Stockhead (04 April)
Lucapa recovers ‘top-colour’ 55 ct diamond from Mothae - Rough Polished (03 April)
Lucapa’s Wetherall on the past, present and the future - Rough Polished (01 April)
March 2019 Lulo Resource Estimate Nearly Doubles - Rapaport (25 March)
Indaba Review - Paydirt (11 March)
Successful first sale for Lucapa - Resources Rising Star (01 March)
Lucapa CEO Wetherall on Debut Diamond Tenders in Angola and Antwerp - The Diamond Loupe (01 March)
February 2019 Lucapa just sold a diamond like this one for $51,000 a carat - Stockhead (27 February)
Lucapa Moves into Diamond Manufacturing - Rapaport (24 February)
Lucapa keeps finding the +100 carat sparklers in Angola - Resources Rising Star (22 February)
Top diamond analyst tips big gains for Lucapa shares - Resources Rising Star (22 February)
Top diamond analyst tips big gains for Lucapa shares - Stockhead (21 February)
Lucapa Uncovers a Huge 128-Carats Diamond at Lulo - Diamond World (21 February)
Lucapa recovers 12th +100 carat diamond from Lulo - Rough Polished (20 February)
Lucapa keeps finding the +100 carat sparklers in Angola - Stockhead (19 February)
Lucapa Mine Yields 128ct. Diamond - Rapaport (19 February)
At the intersection of billion dollar junction - Resources Rising Star (15 February)
Awards Section: Excellence in Diamonds - Mining Review Africa (12 February)
Low value diamond market hanging on for inevitable demise of Rio’s Argyle mine - Mining Mx (11 February)
Lulo diamonds sell for A$22.9m in historic tender - Euroz (01 February)
Joint Media Release – Historic 1st International Tender of Lulo Diamonds (01 February)
Lucapa bags $23m for seven sparklers as Angola relaxes diamond policy - Stockhead (01 February)
Lucapa Sells $16.7M of Big Lulo Diamonds in Historic Angola Tender - The Diamond Loupe (01 February)
January 2019 Forty companies register for first diamond auction in Angola - Macau Hub (29 January)
Angola invites 35 companies to first diamond auction - Rough Polished (29 January)
Angola to hold first diamond auction - Reuters (28 January)
Miners Seeking Profits Beyond Rough - Rapaport (23 January)
Lucapa’s Mothae Mine Exceeds Expectations - Rapaport (22 January)
Diamond miner Lucapa offers investors three reasons why it could sparkle this year - Resources Rising Stars (18 January)
Lucapa produces 3,089 cts at Mothae as ramp-up phase ‘progresses well’ - Rough Polished (18 January)
Lucapa’s second mine only just started and is already spitting out the top quality diamonds - Stockhead (17 January)
Lucapa tracking well at new Mothae operation - Mining News (16 January)
Angolan diamond production in historic competitive bid sale - (15 January)
Lucapa’s Lulo diamonds set for historic sale in Angola - Rough Polished (15 January)
Angola to Hold First Diamond Auction to Bolster Investment - Bloomberg (14 January)
Lucapa to sell large Lulo diamonds in historic event - Australian Mining (14 January)
Diamond sector transformation in Angola approaches major milestone achievement - Mining Review Africa (14 January)
Lucapa Predicts Premium from Angola Reforms - Rapaport (14 January)