News Highlights

December 2018 Lulo’s Large & Exceptional Diamonds to Feature in Historic Angolan Tender - Diamond World (10 December)
Newsroom Full Article Lucapa To Tender Angola Diamonds In Line With New Diamond Marketing Law - Idex (10 December)
Angola to hold first diamond auction in January, Sodiam says - Mining Weekly (10 December)
Angola to Hold Debut Diamond Auction as Economy Opens Up - Bloomberg (10 December)
November 2018 Lucapa’s search for ground zero at Lulo continues - Mining Review Africa (29 November)
Lucapa’s Lulo earns $4.2 mln from latest diamond sale - Rough Polished (20 November)
Lucapa Finds New Source at Lulo Mine - Rapaport (07 November)
October 2018 Lucapa Prepares to Sell Mothae Diamonds - Rapaport (25 October)
Lucapa secures $7m loan to boost Lesotho mine development - (25 October)
Snow won’t stop Lucapa from starting up a second African diamond mine - Stockhead (22 October)
Lucapa starts commissioning at Mothae - Mining Weekly (22 October)
Lucapa Begins To Think Big In Diamond Space - Paydirt Magazine (11 October)
Angola to gazette technical regulations for new diamond marketing policy - Rough Polished (11 October)
Diamond Loupe Interview - Lucapa CEO Stephen Wetherall (10 October)
September 2018 Lucapa’s Lulo to sell large diamonds through new marketing channels - Rough Polished (18 September)
Lucapa introduces Lulo diamonds into Angola's new diamond marketing system - (17 September)
Lucapa to Sell Large Diamonds from Lulo - Rapaport (16 September)
Lucapa prepares to sell premium-value Angolan Lulo diamonds onto market - Small Caps (14 September)
August 2018 Lucapa confident of lifting its diamond success rate in both Africa and Australia - (30 August)
Angola | New diamond policy announced - Macau Daily Times (29 August)
Newsroom Full Article Lucapa: Exceptional Recovery Of 1,100 Diamonds From Drilling At Brooking - Idex (29 August)
Lucapa diamond recovery excites - Mining News (28 August)
Lucapa Recovers 1,100 Diamonds from Little Spring Creek - Australia Investing News (28 August)
Diamond Resources Might Not Be Forever - Rapaport (14 August)
Lucapa recovers coloured diamonds - (09 August)
De Beers Chairman calls on Angolian President - NAM News Network (08 August)
De Beers may return to diamonds business in Angola - EIN Presswire (07 August)
Mothae hosts pink diamonds: Lucapa - Mining Journal (07 August)
Lucapa recovers more special, coloured diamonds from Mothae - Rough & Polished (07 August)
Lucapa Welcomes New Angolan Diamond Marketing Policy - Idex (06 August)
July 2018 Lucapa’s mine in Lesotho continues to yield special diamonds - (31 July)
Lucapa Unearths 11.88-carat Diamond from Mothae Mine - Australia Investing News (30 July)
Lucapa’s New Resource Yields Large Stones - Rapaport (30 July)
Lucapa Diamond finds 3rd high-carat diamond for 2018 - Born2Invest (15 July)
Lucapa Continues Large-Diamond Streak - Rapaport (11 July)
Huge diamonds keep coming out of Lucapa’s Lulo mine in Angola - (11 July)
Lucapa Diamond Company adds another high carat diamond to its growing inventory - Small Caps (11 July)
Lucapa spree of 100ct Lulo diamonds continues - Australian Mining (11 July)
Lucapa lifts June quarter output 20 pct to 5,058 ct - Rough Polished (06 July)
Angola adopts new system for selling its diamonds - Mining Weekly (06 July)
Finds at Lucapa’s Lulo project jump on record mined diamonds - (06 July)
Sales and Output Rise at Lucapa - Rapaport (05 July)
Mothae mine unearths 89 carat diamond - Mining News (03 July)
Lucapa Uncovers Nearly-90-Carat Yellow Diamond - National Jeweler (03 July)
Angola to Curb Sodiam’s Control of Diamond Sales - Rapaport (02 July)
Lucapa Finds 89-Ct Yellow Diamond Mothae During Bulk Sampling-IDEX (02 July)
Lucapa’s Mothae Mine Yields 89ct. Yellow - Rapaport (02 July)
June 2018 Lucapa Recovers 89-Carat Diamond From Mothae - Diamond World (29 June)
Lucapa recovers large 89ct diamond in Lesotho - Australian Mining (29 June)
Lucapa digs up another large diamond, this time in Lesotho - (29 June)
Government approves sale of rough diamonds - EIN Presswire (27 June)
Lucapa gets another $2 million from Lulo diamonds sale - (18 June)
Angola Eyes Antwerp as Ally in Diamond Reforms - Rapaport (14 June)
Angola eyes Antwerp diamond market - Rough Polished (07 June)
Angola’s President João Lourenço Visits Antwerp Diamond Industry - The Diamond Loupe (06 June)
Angola eases controls over diamond sector, to double output in four years - (06 June)
Angola to modernise diamond industry to drive new investment - Miningmx (06 June)
Lucapa is about to kick off its much-anticipated WA diamond project - Stockhead (05 June)
May 2018 Lucapa to test flood plains for diamond-bearing gravels in Angola - Rough Polished (28 May)
Lucapa Finds 25-Ct Yellow Diamond At Mothae Mine In Lesotho - Idex (23 May)
Lucapa Plans to Extend Mothae Mine Life - Rapaport (23 May)
Angola wants to open its doors to more Aussie diamond miners - Stockhead (23 May)
Lucapa recovers 25 ct yellow gem diamond at Mothae - Rough Polished (23 May)
Lucapa on a roll, finds 25-carat yellow diamond in Lesotho mine - (22 May)
Lucapa Finds 46-Carat Pink Diamond - National Jeweler (08 May)
Lucapa Finds 46ct. Pink Diamond - Rapaport (06 May)
Lucapa Recovers 46 Carat Pink Diamond from Lulo - Diamond World (05 May)
Lucapa finds yet another large diamond in Angola - (04 May)
Lucapa recovers largest coloured diamond from Lulo to date - Mining Review Africa (03 May)
Lucapa recovers largest coloured diamond from Lulo - Creamer Media Mining Weekly (03 May)
April 2018 Rosy future: investing in pink diamonds - The National (11 April)
Lucapa raises $16.5 mn to advance diamond projects - Rough Polished (10 April)
Lucapa has just raised $16.5 million to go after one of Australia's most promising diamond prospects - MSN (09 April)
Lucapa raises US$12.7m for Australian exploration programme - Mining Journal (09 April)
March 2018 Australia's biggest diamond mine is running out of diamonds - Business Insider (29 March)
Lucapa set for double dose of diamond action - Resources Rising Stars (23 March)
Diversity: A Diamond Miner’s Best Friend - Paydirt (09 March)
Angola’s New Dawn - Paydirt (08 March)
Lucapa fetches $1.7 million in diamond sales from Lulo - (05 March)
Exclusive: Angola offers former dos Santos diamond rights to investors - Reuters (02 March)
February 2018 Lucapa Diamond CEO perceives good start for rough diamond market in 2018 - Rough Polished (22 February)
Lucapa to become a niche diamond company, says Wetherall - Rough Polished (19 February)
President Lourenco’s Dissection of Dos Santos Mining - Africa Intelligence (13 February)
Lucapa recovers first diamonds from Lesotho mine - (13 February)
Lucapa Sells Lulo Rough for $9M - Rapaport (12 February)
Lucapa talks up Angola despite Endiama’s tight grip on control - Mining mx (06 February)
Indaba 2018: Lourenco restores interest after Dos Santos era - Africa Mining Intelligence (06 February)
January 2018 Angola’s President guarantees legal security to foreign investors - Macauhub (22 January)
Diamond discovery in WA's remote Kimberley brings renewed hope to Australian diamond industry - ABC News (18 January)
Yellow Diamond Weighs In as Lulo’s Largest - Rapaport (18 January)
Lucapa Diamond Company recovers Lulo’s largest coloured diamond - Proactive Investors (17 January)
Lucapa finds monster diamonds at Lulo, including largest coloured one - (17 January)
Lucapa discovers more diamonds at Brooking project - Rough Polished (15 January)
Lucapa surges on Western Australian diamond results - Proactive Investors (11 January)
Gem Diamonds, Lucapa kick off 2018 with massive findings - (08 January)
Diamonds deliver for Lucapa - Paydirt (04 January)