News Highlights

December 2016 Diamond fractures offer junior opportnity - Paydirt Media (09 December)
Lucapa offers diamond investors a new chance - Paydirt Media (09 December)
Lucapa Diamond homing in on kimberlite discoveries (05 December)
October 2016 Lucapa Diamond’s road to riches in Angola - The Australian (03 October)
September 2016 Lucapa unearths its sixth +100 ct diamond from Lulo - Mining Review Africa (27 September)
Lulo Mine Yields Another Massive Diamond - Rapaport (26 September)
Another huge diamond has been found by a small Australian miner - Business Insider (22 September)
Perth Company Discovers 104 Carat Diamond - 4BC (22 September)
Huge Angolan diamond unearthed by Perth miner Lucapa in fourth significant find this year - ABC News (21 September)
Lulo Mine Yields its Largest Colored Diamond - Rapaport (11 September)
Lucapa finds pink diamond as Africa-focused miners shine - The Australian (09 September)
August 2016 Lucapa Reports Record Recovery Rates - Rapaport (03 August)
June 2016 Lucapa Seeks Source of Huge Lulo Diamonds - Rapaport (27 June)
A glittering future - The Australian Mining Review (01 June)
May 2016 Kim Kardashian West Loses It Over 404-Carat Diamond - Bride to Be (19 May)
Kim Kardashian steps out wearing massive 404 Carat Diamond at 2016 Cannes - Sirkenayo (18 May)
Jeweler De Grisogono Acquires Rights to 404-Carat Diamond - Bloomberg (08 May)
Lucapa's Big Push in Angola - Global Mining Observer (05 May)
April 2016 Three Big Diamonds Found at Angola Lulo Project (26 April)
Resources Rising Stars - Ten Bagger (22 April)
Aussie Miner Finds New Pink Diamond Source? (19 April)
March 2016 Lucapa Discovers 68-Carat Diamond at Angola Mine - Rapaport (30 March)
A Perth miner just made another $9.6 million from a haul of big diamonds - Business Insider (03 March)
February 2016 Australian mining company Lucapa sells monster 404 carat diamond for $22.5 million - The Age (29 February)
A huge diamond found by a tiny Australian miner has just sold for $22.5 million - Business Insider (29 February)
WA company Lucapa sells massive Angola diamond for $22.5 million - ABC News (29 February)
Aussie Company Finds the 27th Largest Diamond - 2GB (17 February)
404 carat diamond recovered at Lulo, Angola - Diamond World (17 February)
The Largest Diamond Ever Found In Angola Is 404 Carats And Nearly Flawless - Forbes Magazine (17 February)
Mining CEO: Rare diamond 'will fetch a pretty penny' - CNN Money (16 February)
Angola’s largest ever diamond found at Lulo - Rough & Polished (16 February)
A $20 Million Diamond Has Been Unearthed in Angola - Fortune (16 February)
Diamond weighing 404 carats is one of the largest ever found - CNN Money (16 February)
Lucapa Recovers ‘Largest Diamond in Angolan History’ - Diamonds.Net (15 February)
Record 404-Carat Diamond Recovered at Lulo, Angola - DIB Online (15 February)
Lucapa Recovers 404-Carat Type II-a Diamond at Lulo - Idex Online (15 February)
Lucapa Diamond Co : Record 404ct Gem Quality Diamond - Mining Business (15 February)
Lucapa discovers record diamond - The West Australian (15 February)
Giant $20 million diamond found in Angola by WA company Lucapa - ABC News (15 February)
'Spectacular' 404-Carat Diamond Unearthed in Angola - NBC Los Angeles (15 February)
Lucapa Diamond Company recovers biggest diamond ever found in Angola - Mining Review (15 February)