Lucapa and its Project Lulo JV partners are also exploring for the hard-rock kimberlite source of the high-value alluvial diamonds being mined along the Cacuilo River valley within the Lulo concession.

The frequent recovery of large and irregular-shaped alluvial diamonds – with sharp edges and little signs of travel – all point to a nearby primary source.

Kimberlite exploration is undertaken under an exploration licence and Mineral Investment Contract issued by the Angolan Government (through the Ministry of Mineral Resources & Petroleum) which is valid to May 2024.

While alluvial diamond mining is conducted through mining company Sociedade Mineira Do Lulo, kimberlite exploration is conducted through joint venture company Projecto Lulo JV (Lucapa 39% interest and operator; Endiama 51%, Rosas & Petalas 10%).

Drilling of prospective kimberlite pipe at Lulo

In February 2020, Lucapa announced highly-encouraging exploration results which have put the focus of the kimberlite search on the high-priority kimberlites and targets in the Canguige catchment area upstream of the Cacuilo River valley.

These high priority kimberlites are being drilled in preparation for bulk sampling through the Lulo alluvial plant to test for diamonds.

There are 18 kimberlites rated in a 2019 review as being the most prospective within the Lulo kimberlite field to host diamonds.

Location of the Canguige tributary sampling site, proximity to Mining Block 46 and kimberlites within the Canguige catchment, including five of the 16 pipes rated most prospective by a technical review to host diamonds and two priority drilling targets