Lucapa’s 80% owned Brooking diamond project covers an area of 118km2 in Western Australia’s West Kimberley region. Brooking is located within 50km of the Ellendale mine which, when in production, produced more than 50% of the world’s annual supply of fancy yellow diamonds.

Lucapa commenced an exploration program at Brooking in 2017 with the aim of discovering lamproite – a known host rock for diamonds in the West Kimberley region, including at Ellendale.

To date, this exploration program has produced some spectacular results.

In January 2018, Lucapa announced that lamproite had been discovered in a hole drilled at the Little Spring Creek prospect at Brooking. Micro-diamond analysis of an 87kg sample of core from that drill hole produced 112 micro-diamonds and seven macro-diamonds, thus proving the lamproite was diamond-bearing.

A follow-up exploration program at Brooking produced even more spectacular results, with micro-diamond analysis of a 178kg sample of core from the second hole drilled at the Little Spring Creek discovery producing 1,082 micro-diamonds and 18 macro-diamonds (Refer ASX announcement 28 August 2018).

Lucapa’s most recent follow-up exploration program at Brooking included excavating a ~100 tonne sample of lamproite material from Little Spring Creek to test for macro diamond content and grade in a Perth laboratory.

In addition, drilling and sampling of other targets within the Brooking project has also been conducted, including testing of the Big Spring Creek cluster of lamproites. Results are awaited.