The Lulo kimberlite exploration program aims to identify the primary source(s) of the exceptional alluvial diamonds being mined at Lulo, which achieved the highest per carat prices in the world in 2016.

The kimberlite exploration program is being funded from Lucapa’s share of distributions from the alluvial diamond mining operations.

Lucapa and its partners have three drilling rigs available on site to drill priority kimberlite targets identified at Lulo. This list of targets was upgraded in July 2017 from the results of an 8,566 line km helicopter-borne Time Domain Electromagnetic survey flown over the entire Cacuilo River valley area.

These include targets located in drainage systems feeding into the prolific Mining Block 8 alluvial area at Lulo and the L165-L170 kimberlite cluster, which was previously highlighted as an area of exploration interest.

Core from the kimberlite drilling program is progressively logged for dispatch for mineral chemistry analysis in Cape Town to prioritise pipes for follow-up work, including further drilling and bulk sampling.

The first laboratory results are expected soon.