The Lulo kimberlite exploration program aims to identify the primary source(s) of the exceptional alluvial diamonds being mined at Lulo.

Exploration work conducted over ~8 years has identified two kimberlite provinces within the 3,000km2 Lulo concession.

In 2016, the Lulo partners identified a cluster of kimberlite targets near the highest-value alluvial areas, Mining Blocks 8 and 6, as their priority exploration targets, based on strong geological evidence of a primary source.


The Lulo kimberlite drilling program is being accelerated, with three rigs scheduled to be drilling multiple priority targets in the March 2017 Quarter.

These rigs include the new track-mounted Hanjin D&B35 rig, which is capable of drilling to 2,000m.

A helicopter-borne Time-Domain EM survey is also scheduled to be flown over the Cacuilo River and valley area to enhance target definition and to identify any additional non-magnetic targets in this area.