ASX Announcements

September 2020 Lulo Diamonds Sell for A$7.9 Million (28 September)
Change of Director's Interest Notices (24 September)
Lulo Diamonds Sell For A$3.2 Million (17 September)
Half Yearly Report and Accounts (10 September)
Mothae Restart and New Marketing Channel (09 September)
Lulo Delivers Record Monthly Carats (04 September)
August 2020 Lulo Kimberlite Exploration Update (28 August)
Lulo Kimberlite Exploration Update (19 August)
Refinancing and Kimberlite Bulk Sampling Update (14 August)
Lulo Production and Kimberlite Exploration Update (10 August)
July 2020 Lulo Diamonds Sell For A$5.1 Million (31 July)
Results of Meeting (30 July)
AGM - Presentation (30 July)
AGM - Chairman's Address (30 July)
Mothae Update (29 July)
Response to ASX Price Query (24 July)
Quarterly Activities Report (09 July)
Quarterly Cashflow Report (09 July)
Change in substantial holding (02 July)
Section 708A Notice and Appendix 2A (02 July)
June 2020 Letter to Shareholders - Notice of AGM (26 June)
Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form (26 June)
Lulo Kimberlite Exploration Update (26 June)
Change in substantial holding (11 June)
Change of Director's Interest Notices (05 June)
Appendix 2A (05 June)
Proposed issue of Securities - LOM (03 June)
Lucapa Raises $5.25 Million Under Rights Issue (03 June)
Expiry of Unlisted Options and Performance Rights (01 June)
May 2020 Financing Update (28 May)
Lulo Kimberlite Program Moves to New Phase (28 May)
Expiry of Options (25 May)
Dispatch of Prospectus - Non-renounceable Rights Issue (11 May)
Lulo Delivers 15th 100 Plus Carat Diamond (11 May)
Letter to Ineligible Shareholders (05 May)
Letter to Option holders - Non-renounceable Rights Issue (05 May)
Prospectus - Non-renounceable Rights Issue (01 May)
Update - Proposed issue of Securities - LOM (01 May)
Re-Commencement of Operations at Lulo (01 May)
April 2020 Quarterly Activities Report (27 April)
Quarterly Cashflow Report (27 April)
Proposed issue of Securities - LOM (27 April)
Lucapa Capital Raising (27 April)
Deferral of AGM (21 April)
Section 708A Notice and Appendix 2A (21 April)
Lucapa COVID-19 Update (16 April)
Mothae Diamonds Sold Into Cutting and Polishing Partnership (14 April)
Lulo Update (01 April)
March 2020 Withdrawal of Rights Issue (30 March)
Diamond Analysis Supports Search for Lulo Kimberlite Source (26 March)
Appendix 4G (25 March)
Annual Report (25 March)
Mothae Mine Update (25 March)
Lulo to Receive $7.0M Under Partnership Agreement (24 March)
Lulo Kimberlite Exploration Update (23 March)
Market Update (18 March)
Top-Quality 64 Carat Type IIA Diamond Recovered from Mothae (18 March)
Extension of Non-Renounceable Rights Issue Closing Date (17 March)
25% Increase in Lulo Diamond Resource Carats (16 March)
Dispatch of Offer Document - Non-Renounceable Rights Issue (11 March)
Section 708A Notice and Appendix 2A (10 March)
Letter to Ineligible Shareholders (05 March)
Letter to Optionholders - Non-renounceable Rights Issue (05 March)
Lucapa Advances Search for the Lulo Diamond Source (04 March)
Section 708AA Notice (04 March)
Proposed issue of Securities - LOM (04 March)
Offer Document - Non-renounceable Rights Issue (04 March)
Reinstatement to Official Quotation (04 March)
$2.8M Placement to Advance Lulo Kimberlite Exploration (04 March)
Voluntary Suspension (02 March)
February 2020 Trading Halt (27 February)
Lulo Kimberlite Exploration Update Presentation (26 February)
Further Strong Sale Prices for Lulo Diamonds (25 February)
Rare Type IIA Diamonds Recovered in Kimberlite Exploration (21 February)
Positive Lulo Kimberlite Exploration Results (19 February)
A$8.2 Million from Diamond Sales (12 February)
January 2020 Quarterly Activities Report (30 January)
Quarterly Cashflow Report (30 January)
Diamond Agreement to Enhance Lulo Profits (29 January)
Change of Share Registry (20 January)
Polishing Strategy Delivers Flawless Diamonds (14 January)
Lulo Delivers 14th 100 Plus Carat Diamond (09 January)
Lucapa Achieves Record Diamond Production in 2019 (06 January)
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